ETANTR Cell Line

As parents who have suffered the loss of our only child to cancer, we understand the pain other parents in our situation are going through. You can't remember how to put one foot in front of the other let alone think about what is going to happen to your child now that they have passed. 

We were right there in that moment and we decided that there was only one thing worse than our child dying and that's letting his tumour go to waste.  There was no way we were going to let his cancer win. Cancer took our child but now his tumour is our servant and the servant of every child dying from cancer. Alexander's tumour is still alive in a lab and I'm confident we will find a cure.

Believe me, we understand how how are hard it is to watch your child go through one more surgery but read about Alexander's cell line below and think about the importance of brain tumour / tissue donation.

Alexander has passed away now but...THE BATTLE CONTINUES!!!

January 25th 2011 we had a chance to meet Alexander's pathologist. She has been involved in Alexander's life since the beginning. She started with his blood tests etc. and is now the lead on his tumour research. It was really great to meet her and see another positive impact Alexander has had on the world.
Alexander's tumour is growing in the lab and is the first ETANTR tumour in history to do that. Alexander was so strong even his tumour cannot be stopped. Alexander officially has an ETANTR cell line. For those that don't know, a cell line is a family of cells and is extremely important to research. 

The world now has a never ending supply of research material. 

His cell line is called BT-183(AB).

It's October 23rd 2012 and a lot has happened lately. Alexander's cell line has been verified both biologically and genetically. This means that his cell line is behaving exactly as it did in his body.  Research facilities from around the world have started contacting us and his tumour is now in the Netherlands and Germany. 

Today is an especially hard day because its the two year anniversary of Alexander's passing but we found a way to make it more manageable. It has always been our goal to help fund ETANTR research so today we made a $12,000 donation. Every year we plan to make a bigger and bigger donation.

October 23rd 2013. Last year we said we would try and give more, well this year's donation is $31,000, almost triple last years! It's been a lot of hard work and more than a few tears but it feels good to do more than just sustain Alexander's cell line. This donation will give researchers a chance to really move forward on the research.

We have also started the Alexander Edwin Brown Student Summership. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet the student at the end of the summer and get their perspective on the project.

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