Alexander's Quest is an organization started in memory of Alexander Edwin Brown who died of brain cancer on the 23rd of October 2010. He was only 2 years old. Our little warrior, Alexander Brown, is a beautiful, brave and precious two-year old boy who has lost his life to an aggressive, rare and cancerous brain tumor. 

Towards the end of his courageous 1o month battle we realized that we were out of options and he was going to be going home soon. We decided to donate Alexander's brain and tumour to research, so that one day, there will be a cure for ETMR (previously known as ETANTR. Alexander's tumour continues to grow in the lab and is the first and only ETMR tumour in history to do that. He even has his own cell line called BT-183(AB). This means researcher have something to do research on.

By donating you will be helping researchers in their quest to understand the biological origins and nature of this high-risk brain tumour. It will also keep his cell line alive and enable it to be shipped and used all over the world. Your gift will help keep alexander's memory alive and day it may lead to a cure for ETMR / ETANTR.

Our Mission

To raise money for pediatric brain tumour research.

To raise money for ETMR / ETANTR research here in Calgary and around the world.

To bring awareness to childhood cancer and childhood brain tumours.

To raise awareness on the importance of brain tumour/tissue donation.

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